Mortgage Broker’s Tips

That’s it ! You have decided to buy your first home
and you must now choose a product mortgage.
You tell yourself that your bank is the appropriate place to get the most tips
wise about it.

That’s normal, you’re a customer for a long time and have always been satisfied
services, but is it really the best place ?

Employees of fnancial institutions generally
excellent service. However, it should be noted that these are generalists.
Their job is to offer a variety of services banking.
Their knowledge is usually limited toproducts offered by their employer.
Surely, they will be able to qualify for your loan and offer you various products that are there relative, but will they be able to advise you your entire project?
Since 2001, house prices have tripled in Quebec.
On the other hand, during this same period, the average salary increased
of only 30%. This means a huge increase in
indebtedness of new buyers, hence the importance of
good fnancial planning before buying a property.

Will bank employees take the time to look your fnancial situation,
to make a budget with you and to see if you are fit to become an owner? Will they know you
guide in choosing the products available? Fixed rates, variable rates, lines of credit, accelerated payments, penalties and insurance are all important elements to
know to ensure the success of your project

The specialist par excellence
The mortgage broker is the right person for to advise you.
It only deals with mortgages. His Real estate market knowledge is a valuable asset.
he will take the time to properly analyze your financial situation and
will guide you in your steps. Rather than being only bank, he trades with nearly 20 institutions fnancial. His knowledge of their products and services
and on the imposed conditions assure you to take a informed decision. In short, when it comes time to buy a property, it is important to choose your adviser.
Think “mortgage broker”.|

The mortgage broker is the whole person indicated to advise you. It only deals with
mortgage loans.

His knowledge of real estate market are a valuable asset.